Marestone Ventilated Facade Systems

Marestone Ventilated Facade System, introduces a brand new and hi-tech way to re-imagine wall cladding. This innovative system features unique architectural options to utilize varieties of Natural Stone-like colors with additional benefits.

Why Marestone?

Marestone offers the only  hidden attachment, easy- installation cladding panels on the market.  Long gone are the days of ugly screw-heads taking away from real Architectural Beauty; this system allows for a superior light weight product with a true natural stone look. .  Marestone offers ease of customization and installation with a product that is both more durable and cost effective.

The Marestone Way

Marestone system consists of proprietary Lightweight Cement Based Recomposed “Marestone Panels” and “Supporting – Concealed Fixing Structure” consisting of proprietary aluminum profiles and stainless steel anchoring and fastening elements.

An Innovative Ventilated Facade System

 Marestone Panels

The power underlying the Mare System stems from the strengths and unique features of the Marestone Panels. Marestone is recognized globally for offering top of the line recomposed, cement bound mineral aggregate stone. Marestone standard panels are produced in a thickness of 5/8″ (1.5cm.) in the sizes of 2’x4′ (61 x 122cm)  or 2’x5′ (61 x 152cm). Panels can also be produced to cut-to-size dimensions as per the requirements of the architectural design.

Weather Resistant

The unique properties of Marestone panels make them ideal for exterior applications. UV exposure, moisture, changing weather conditions, and environmental contaminants have no significant effect on the surface of the panels. The panels perform exceptionally well outdoors and have a long track record of proven performance as well as high ranked classifications on American as well as Turkish standard weathering tests.

Easy Cleaning

Low Maintenance

The non-porous surface of the Marestone Ventilated Facade System panels eliminates practically all dirt accumulation. This ensures the maintenance of a smooth and easy to clean product.

Quick & Simple Installation

A unique aspect of the Marestone panels is the lack of visible screws ensuring a clean cut, smooth facade. This provides the look of natural stone without the hefty cost. A traditional natural stone facade requires a galvanized steel substructure as well as a minimum of 1 1/4″ thickness on each stone panel. Alternatively, the Marestone Ventilated Facade System utilizes an aluminum substructure with a panel thickness of 5/8″ thus providing a much lighter natural facade option.

Design Freedom

Marestone offers a wide variety of colors and finishes to provide you with ultimate design freedom and customization options. Our designers are passionate in working with you to create beautiful as well as durable solutions for the various challenges of facade system designs. The panels can be sandblasted with a company logo, combined with other materials, or even replaced with other colors according to installation. Marestone Ventilated Facade System provides a modern and unique appearance with endless options and customization possibilities.

Available Colors




Dark Beige


Marestone  is produced in 9 standard colors.

Special colors can also be produced with the technical help of Marestone laboratories.


Light Brick




Marestone Panel’s strength, compactness and standardization product, offers a vast variety of colors and appearances similar to that of natural stones. Different surface finishes  include Silk – honed finish, bush hammered, antique bush hammered (brush hammered) and striped pattern.

Supporting-Concealed Fixing Structure (Rail System)

The Supporting Structure is designed and installed to match the structural nature of each façade.  This allows the system a way to compensate for dimensional differences in the building structure.  Fixing structures are normally arranged in three orthogonal directions.

The load-bearing supporting structure consists of integrated metal elements.

Aluminum “L” brackets are fixed on the external walls and/or columns and/or beams by stainless steel anchor bolts.

Vertical aluminum “T” profiles are installed to the brackets by self-drilling screws.

Marestone’s Proprietary Aluminum Profiles featuring safety movement gaskets are made of highly durable materials and installed horizontally on the vertical “T” profiles, by self-drilling screws.

The panels are fixed between two horizontal aluminum profiles inserted to the top and bottom grooves of the panels. Grooves are accurately performed at the factory.

This longitudinal channel and rail- insert system and the  light weight of panels, make the Mare Cladding System , the world’s fastest applied stone cladding system.


One square feet of Marestone panel weight is 7.5 lb.

Mare System acts like a flexible and integrated membrane and is a robust system against strong seismic vibrations and wind impact that can result from natural disasters (ex- earthquakes and hurricanes). The joints between panels allow adequate ventilation and provide necessary space for expansion.


Wind Load > 400 kgf / m² ASTM C 1201
Density > 2340 kg / m³ ASTM  C 97
Water Absorbtion <  2,00 % ASTM  C 97
Bending Strength > 14  NM / mm² ASTM C 880
Freeze and Thow No deformation observed ASTM C 1026
Thermal Expansion <  0,50 mm / m ASTM C 880

* Also review ; CWCT  building envelope tests UK ,  anchorage tests (ASTM C1354)  and EOTA impact test results .